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Fluorspar QC
We consistently provide the best quality of fluorspar product to meet customers’ requirements. Our quality control process starts in the Mongolian office. To insure high grade fluospar, the raw material are selected carefully through a rigorous process by well trained staff in Mongolia. Further, our products undergo a multi-steps grade and granularity selection in our TianJin facility to meet specify requirements. For the purpose of protecting our entire staff as well as the environment from air pollution, our automated airborne dust collection system operates throughout the process.


1. We clean up the indoor facility to reduce the environmental pollution on fluorspar.

2. After careful examination of the raw material containing low sulfur and phosphorus, we further refine the fluorspar to meet the customer's requirement. 

3. The impurities and side products from the fluorspar are selected from our belt conveyor.

4. We use high pressure water gun to clean the impurities to control the sulfur content.

5. The fluorspar will be filled in the bags directly to avoid further pollution.

6. Each package is accurately weighted before shipment.  

7. Customers can choose a third party international authority to inspect the products before the shipment.